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Registered Pharmacist. Licensed Esthetician. Champion for providing socio-esthetic services to cancer patients.

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Cancer Drug/Skin Care Effects

As a socio esthetician, I work extensively with cancer patients to ensure they receive proper skin care during treatment. Through my work, I’ve researched and assembled a library of information detailing the skin specific side effects of many cancer medicines.

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Lynda has a powerful combination of skills – from pharmacist to socio-esthetician.  She is generous with her knowledge and also points out ways to help estheticians work around contraindications and other related issues for anyone using medications.  She is a very strong advocate for Oncology Estheticians – ultimately ensuring the safety of those living with cancer.

Morag Currin

Founder & President, Oncology Esthetics Training

Lynda is a creative and gifted individual with a unique background.  She has coupled her expertise as a pharmacist with aesthetics.  As a survivor of breast cancer, she has developed a compassion for the medically challenged who receive  esthetic services. As a socioesthetician, Lynda avails her expertise to practicing individuals.  She provides an educational platform for the understanding on the effects of medications for professionals and recipients in the esthetics industry.  In addition, Lynda consistently continues professional education which enhances her ability to be a valuable resource to others.

Renee Baldo

Founder, Unlimited Potential Skincare & Wellness

At my one year anniversary of breast cancer diagnosis, I had the pleasure of meeting Lynda, a survivor as well, at the Oncology Esthetics training in Arizona.  As if being a pharmacist wasn’t enough, she impressed me with her depth of knowledge and her strong desire to learn more.  Lynda is sharing her passion by helping patients going thru cancer treatments and beyond.

Lisa McGorry

Founder, Thrive Enterprises

Lynda Cesiro is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate skin care professionals and the quality of her care is top notch.  Her years of experience as a pharmacist and impressive training as an aesthetician makes her stand out as a leading providers in the skin care industry.  I would definitely recommend to anyone who is interested in receiving the best and most personalized care to see Lynda. She will make sure that you have a great understanding of all of the procedures and make sure you are confident that the care you receive is appropriate and necessary.

Erik Heyliger, DC, DAAMLP, CSCS

Chiropractic Physician, C.A.R.E. Health & Wellness Center

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